Headache. woot.
8:36 p.m. - 2004-11-10

It has been a really nerve wrecking few days. Coming down with horrible headaches after coming home from band. It has since lasted till now, and is still going on. But heh, i feel like typing again! Even if nobody reads this crap of mine. Yep, im refraining from using the word 's**t'

Hms, yeah, yap has already gotten our set piece, and its pretty nice to play =) Actually, in my opinion, the euph part for 2nd movement is harder. Even if it looks easier cause of the slow part, but actually, its not tt simple, there's sincopations and all that. Oh, and abram's pursuit is getting along better for my section i think...we worked on the accents and stuff today. Man, after conducting sectionals, ive started to sing out the parts for my junior. That's when i really cant stand it or something, but its fun to tongue it out.

Oh yes, 7th night of july. Hahas, i realised tt its damn fun to play, thou its kinda hard. Actually, the parts i like are not the melodies. I like the accompaniment and counters! hahas. So weird right, but ive always liked the sound of some accompaniments, maybe tts why its good tt i was given the euph =) and also im happie i got euph cause i realise i love the dark and low tones, they can be really soothing...heh, i dun care abt wad my mum saes. She was the one who wanted me to play a woodwind, and so i said i 'prefer' woodwind, not really knowing what they sound like. Hahas, i heart you euphonium.

There's this 8 note semiquaver part that's damn damn fast and i still cant get it right. Yep, i love it. Okay, i think its more than 8. and its 2 phrasings. =)

My piano teacher proclaimed tt i was super, cause i sat thru 2 hours of piano lessons and absorbed everything he said with my bad headache. I could barely open my eyes. True, he made me go wash my face, but after like 1min, my eyes were abt 1mm open or maybe not open at all. Then when he did scales, he was kinda shocked tt i could play better for scales with more flats. =x And also i was playing the 3rd apart scales thingy, and i played halfway and stopped, then asked 'um...what scale is this?' My teacher then slapped his face. Hms...i think i was really tired. I had just come home from band with a headache which lasted till i fell asleep i think, tts why i skipped violin lesson, meaning no violin lesson for another 3 weeks, considering im leaving soon. =( This is horrible.

I cant wait to play that 8 semis! I need my euph...*urgh*

Im addicted.


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